Saturday, 22 July 2017

Brazil to Open World's First Sex Theme park in 2018

You heard it right! This seems to be a little weird spending time at a theme park without clothes. We thought, Brazil is the only country where legendary soccer players are born. Ever since, peoples are so damn crazy on travelling places or taking their family to small vacation. They start to list some of the destinations that literally go to the next level. It's hard to find the real beauty of nature! May be, because of pollution that destroy our nature. 

The millionaire spends their 80 percent of life on migration. They love moving one place to another, spends time on luxuries resort and buying costly cars.
It's hard to think, Brazil is now up for a "Sex Theme park", which could complete by 2018. Sorry kids! You are not allowed. Apart from paradise beaches, music of samba and luscious rain forest. The country now listed "Sex Theme park" to their tourist spot.   

The country named is as "Erotikaland" and set to open in Peracicaba, which is about 2 hours journey from Sao Paulo. Before you think, it's a festival for intercourse, The investors also set an aim to promote strong attitude towards sex.A glimpse view of Amusement park is spread across the internet, which seems to fun trip without clothes.

According to dailymail UK, a '7D' cinema vibrating seat is needed to experience journey at a theme park followed by nudist pool and train of pleasure crewed by gogo girls/boys.

What's interesting! A fee of $100 will give you entry and access to aphrodisiac store. Park authorities also set a strict rules not have sex in the park. If the visitors wish to intimate, they can book a motel inside the theme park. 

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